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VB COLLAGEN - Vital Beautie Super Collagen Supplement

Drink (30 Tubes) 25 ml/ 1 tube


• Capacity: 25 ml/ 1 tube (30 tubes)

• Made in Korea

• Product texture: Liquid (liquid)

• Bring the taste of green grapes, and completely remove the fishy taste of fish

• Product packaging (advantage)

• The product is divided into tubes equivalent to one use, very compact, convenient to carry



  • Super Collagen helps to regenerate the skin, stimulates the growth of new skin cells, reduces pigmentation spots, freckles, tightens pores, reduces skin oxidation, making the skin brighter and whiter. pink, stretchy and radiant.
  • Made in the form of microscopic molecules that help the body to absorb collagen well for the skin. In addition, the product also adds vitamin C to whiten the skin, while also increasing the body's resistance.
  • Enhance skin elasticity, making skin firmer and smoother.
  • Prevents the formation of new wrinkles on the skin, fades old wrinkles, especially wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.
  • Improve skin texture, shrink pores, smoother skin.
  • Add moisture to the skin, avoid dry skin.
  • Prevents sagging skin, especially in postpartum women, helps the skin quickly elastic, return to its original shape.
  • Vitamin C essences have a natural whitening effect from within. At the same time, it helps to quickly heal wounds, regenerate the skin, reduce the possibility of scar formation and increase the body's resistance against bad agents from the outside.
  • Has the effect of inhibiting the formation of Melanin causing skin pigmentation, thereby effectively fading dark spots.
  • Skin and hair become smoother and stronger.
  • Absorbs and transmits directly to the skin in just 2 hours.
  • Suitable for use from 24 years old.



Vital Beautie - Super Collagen Ampoules Drink (25ml x 30)

SKU: 8809685753933
$90.00 Regular Price
$79.20Sale Price

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  • Contains 1000mg of Hydrolysed Collagen, Purified Water, Orange Concentrate, Citric Acid, Pectin, Sodium Oral Ginseng, Enzyme Treated Stevia, Tea Powder, Calcium Powder Mixture, Hyaluronic Acid, Bonito Fish Protein Hydrolysate, Vitamin C.

  • Use 1 tube per day, shake well before drinking, better when refrigerated.

    • Can be taken at any time of the day, from morning to night, on an empty stomach or full, because the absorption of Collagen is not affected by the above conditions. It is best to drink it at night before going to bed.

    • No need to stop, depending on the conditions and needs of each person, it can be used continuously or for a limited time.

    • Should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.

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