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  • Drinking Liquid Collagen
  • 12,000mg Ultra High Content Collagen per Bottle
  • A clean drink composed of only safe ingredients
  • 1,000 Daltons Low Molecular Fish Collagen,  Excellent absorption
  • The lower the value of Dalton, the smaller the size of the molecule and the better the absorption rate.
  • Safe Ingredients without Worrying about Additives
  • It contains blueberry, white grapes and honey.


Capacity: 30ml x 7 bottles/box



Lab & Beauty - Mega Velvet Collagen 12000 Blueberry (30ml x 7 bottles)

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  • Small Molecular Fish Collagen, Organic Pomegranate Concentrate, Purun Concentrate, Specification of honey, Zinc gluconate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Citric acid, sodium citrate, Milk ceramide, L-arginine, White grapes and Blueberry flavor.

    • The best time to intake a bottle of collagen 2000 is every evening or every two evenings.
    • You can take it 2 to 3 months for a year.
    • Or you can drink it for a month, then take a break for a month and repeat this process in the future. 
    • Please do not forget to take at least 2 liters of water daily.
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