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What it is?

Mixed and adjusted the DONG CHUNG HA CHO cultivated by Korean farmers and younji with Chidium officiate, Cinnamoni Cortex, Oligosaccharide to meet physical constitution and appetite for modems extracted it as the pasteurized pack to take easy.



  • Health supplement for the elderly or the infirm.
  • Nourishing nerves nourish the brain in cases of frequent stress and having to work under high intensity.
  • Support to prevent many dangerous diseases related to kidneys and lungs.
  • Reduce the state of body weakness, and strengthen the body for people who have just woken up or have just undergone surgery.
  • The active ingredient Hovenia Dulcis in Kanghwa Cordyceps water has many benefits for the liver, helping to cool and detoxify the liver and, at the same time, protecting the liver's health.
  • Stimulates brain activity, thereby keeping the brain in a state of alertness, comfort, and clarity.
  • Improve the activity of resistance and increase the body's antibacterial and antiviral ability.
  • Balance and stabilize hormones, promote the production of sex hormones, and improve physiological function.


Recomended for:

  • People with liver or lung diseases or asthma.
  • Older people need to improve their health.
  • The men who need to improve physiological function.
  • People who are often stressed and tired.



Avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight and keep in a cool, dry place. This product is made under reasonable quality control. Please exchange at the purchasing shops, when you may find a deteriorated product caused by attentive handing on distribution.


Capacity: 60ea X 30ml




Dream Corporation - Bio-Silkkworm Cordyceps (60 ea x 30ml/Box)

SKU: 8809242440085
$128.00 Regular Price
$112.64Sale Price

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    • Drink two times a day, one pack of cordyceps water each time.
    • Should be taken about 30 minutes before meals.
    • Children 13 years old undertake only ½ of the adult dose.
    • Drinking cordyceps water before going to bed is ideal.
    • Shake well before drinking; drink directly.
    • Should be consumed immediately after opening the package.
    • Contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women.
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