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23 ml / 0.77 fl. oz. × 10ea


  • Centella asiatica quantitative extract (TECA) soothes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier function, creating vibrant and healthy skin.
  • Ingredients that are effective in skin protection and moisture supply and RH-Oligopeptide-1 help resolve skin concerns.
  • The 100% pure cotton mask sheet cleanly delivers the nutrients of the essence to the skin.
  • Contains 200 ppm of Centella asiatica quantitative extract (madecassic acid, asiaticoside, asiatic acid) Contains 0.001 ppm of RH-oligopeptide-1


Effectiveness | Helps whiten skin. Helps improve skin wrinkles.


Responsible cosmetics seller | Dongkook Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 33-19, Yongso 2-gil, Gwanghyewon-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Cosmetics Manufacturer | Cosmax Co., Ltd. 27, Pharmaceutical Complex 1-gil, 46 2-gil, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do




Centellian - Medeca Derma Mask III Intensive Formula (10 Sheets/Box)

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$17.60Sale Price

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  • 1. After washing your face and adjusting your skin texture, remove the mask and completely unfold the folds.

    2. Attach the eyes, nose, and mouth areas first, then apply them evenly to adhere closely to the skin.

    3. After a comfortable rest of 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and pat the remaining essence on your face for absorption.

    Before using this product, read the instructions and precautions for use.

  • 1) If you experience any abnormal symptoms or side effects, such as red spots, swelling, or itching, due to direct sunlight when using or after using cosmetics, consult a specialist.

    2) Avoid using on areas with wounds, etc.

    3) Precautions for storage and handling a) Store out of reach of children. B) Store away from direct sunlight.

    4) Avoid use around the eyes. If you are highly irritated by bandages or compresses, please be careful.

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