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Bravity - Derma Stem-cell 35 Program  


Capacity: 50 ml of Ampoule solution / 10 Bottles of freeze-dried ampoule


Total anti-aging 10-week program ampoule that delivers the cell energy of the youngest amniotic stem cell through freeze-drying method.


⬆️Contains 350,000 ppm of Amniotic fluid stem cells, the youngest among human stem cells↗

⬆️The best cell differentiation compared to fat/placenta/devastated blood stem cells (SCI-level paper)

⬆️Amniotic fluid containing more than 1,800 types of protein, EGF, and 20 other growth factors

⬆️Patented hypoxic state (1%) culture increases the efficacy

⬆️Freeze and dry prescription that maximizes the preservation and efficacy of high purity nutrients

⬆️Nano-sized exosome-type solution penetrates the skin

⬆️380 Dalton Ultra-Low Molecular Collagen, Contains Vitamin P

⬆️Hyaluronic acid and panthenol for tight moisturization

⬆️ Improving the density of the skin by using it once

✅ Zero skin irritation.00 - Skin hypotension tested

✅ EWG green grade formula

✅ Minimize the use of preservatives, making it safe for sensitive skin

✅ Convenient and hygienic use as a vacuum vial container

✅ Use of stem cell components by bio-venture companies specializing in advanced stem cell technology with more than 26 patents


Skincare Concerns

🤔 Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Loss of Firmness and Elasticity

🤔 Dark Spots, and Widen Pores

🤔 Dullness and Uneven Texture

🤔 Prefer Lightweight but nutritious formula





Bravity - Derma Stem-cell 35 Program Ampoule

SKU: 8809688561641

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    To apply bravity Stemcell-35 program, wash your face in the morning and evening, clean your skin with toner, use Vitaflex 91 ampoule first, then use Stem Cell 35 ampoule, and if you are using other products, apply it afterwards.

    1) Insert an empty seal on the center cross (+) mark of the rubber cap of the 50 ml solution glass bottle and reverse the seal until the end of the ampoule. (Maximum capacity of the syringe 5 ml)
    2) Insert the ampoule-containing sealer into the freeze-dried solid and fill it up to the marked line.
    3) Shake to melt the ampoule and the solid to mix.
    4) Hold the bottle upside down and remove the appropriate amount from the syringe and apply it to the skin.
    5) After use, insert the syringe into the freeze-dried solid cap and store it.
    6) 1 Freeze-dried solid bottle with syringe is recommended to be used within 1 week for best effect.
    7) 10 bottles of freeze-dried can be used for up to 10 weeks.


    When you open the product, the instructions on how to use it are shown on the inside of the box.
    May check on the details page of the Brave Site.
    [How to use STEMCELL 35] Detailed instruction video on Youtube. 
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