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  • This turmeric is a form of functional food, supplementing nutrients for the body and skin. Currently, functional foods in the form of jelly have become a scorching beauty and healthcare trend. It brings optimal efficiency in terms of quality and makes users enjoy the experience. The unique point of a product like Turmeric Collagen Nano Curcumin Jelly 365 is that the intrinsic value reaches the highest optimal level, giving the best effect. Compared to tablets, capsules, powder, and liquid which are sometimes difficult to swallow, the nutritional content of Collagen Nano Curcumin Jelly 365 is even higher.
  • Originating in Japan, it boomed in Korea when the elite, artists, and any ordinary person were “crazy” because of this type of functional food. The soft and delicious jelly stick has a good effect on the body, absorbs more deeply, and accelerates the absorption process.
  • Turmeric Collagen Nano Curcumin Jelly 365 looks artistic, beautiful, delicate, convenient, and attractive fruit flavor, and no wonder everyone is addicted. This mango flavor is straightforward to eat and easy to get addicted to. The excellent jelly contains a bag of nutrients, ensuring it’s not hot.



365 - Curcumin Jelly Stick Mango Flavor [ 3 x ( 10 x 25g ) ]

SKU: 8809708840398
$88.00 Regular Price
$77.44Sale Price

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